We’re looking for talented gamemakers, storytellers, and interactive designers.

Current Roles.

Game Designer

Enginetap is looking for an experienced Game Designer who has a passion for crafting memorable experiences. With a solid understanding of storytelling, character, and design, you can convey emotions and complex narrative themes through gameplay. With previous experiences in game design, you can demonstrate a combination of technical and creative skills to come up with fun and satisfying solutions. Let’s talk, email us.

Senior Gameplay Programmer

Enginetap is looking for an experienced developer with a solid understanding of developing third-person narrative driven action games. By developing complex gameplay systems in the past, you have facilitated the playability of the game by connecting the player’s actions, the in-game characters’ actions, and the consequences impacting how the game unfolds. Our ideal candidate has great team communication skills, translates early game design into concrete features, and can go from early prototype explorations to bug free and fun gameplay features. Let’s talk, email us.